During her fashion design studies, Réka realized that in the process of designing, she put the garment in context and thought of a mood or situation rather than the garment itself. She soon was determined to bring these visions to life and create the images she had in mind. After completing her studies in menswear she assisted the fashion department of Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin before moving to Berlin, to work for Interview Germany. In the nearly three years as fashion editor with Interview her style developed to what it is today: a conceptual game of colors and proportions, positively irritating the viewer. After successfully developing L´Officiel Germany, where she built up the fashion department, Réka decided  to dedicate herself entirely to her freelance projects.
Réka is now based in Berlin and Milan whilst traveling around the globe.
Her clients include Aeyde, Apropos, Closed, Daimler, Davidoff, Dermafique, L´Officiel Germany, Interview Germany, Iphoria, Kat Frankie, King Kong Magazine, Levi´s, Liebeskind, Malaika Raiss, The Medley Institute, Vein Magazine and Short Stories amongst others. Amongst others she worked with Jonas Lindstroem, Jan Lehner, Mark Pillai, Sabrina Theissen, Adrian Crispin, Hadley Hudson, Sandra Semburg, Sascha Heintze and Kirchknopf+Grambow.

réka maria probst